Crunk Teeth

Crunk Teeth
All Crunk Teeth come sealed in plastic packages along with fitting putty and instructions. For more information on how Crunk Teeth work, click here.

Crunk Gear
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Platinum Grill Teeth
A Classic in Crunk: 4 flashy platinum teeth.

Gold Grill Teeth
A mouth full of gold teeth for the true King of Crunk.

Big Pimpin Teeth
You can't get more gold in a tooth! Go big or go home.
High Rolla Teeth
Featuring a gold tooth with an inlaid diamond.

Lil' Bling Teeth
Perfect when you just need a little bling.


*Please note that Crunk Teeth do not contain any actual gold, platinum, or diamonds. All 'diamonds' are cubic zirconium. While Crunk Teeth are designed to look expensive, they are actually made out of inexpensive replica materials. is a subsidiary of XS Tech Atlanta.
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